Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it local made or imported goods?

We flattered that lot of people mistakenly assume we import our products. In fact, it is locally made by Indonesian handcrafter. We do want to prove that our design could compete with the imported goods.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, We do. In fact, We always challenge ourselves to find the best design for You. If by any chance Our ready-stock products were not suitable enough, then custom is of course a necessary things. You can consult with Us directly by hit us through email, and attach your references and the requirement for your business. We will ask our designer team to contact You back as soon as possible.

Is it possible to put Company brand logo into ceramic?

We acknowledge the importance of Branding for your business, therefore, putting brand in tableware ceramic products are very possible with the minimum quantity of 100 pieces (can be mixed) in total. We do the overglazed transfer printing, then firing it into kiln, which means the printing will not be able to fade away. However, we will charge additional costs for it due to double firing technique.

Why do I find difference in color or pattern in each goods? Are those defected items?

What is the definition of perfect? And what is the standard for defect? It is a hardly answered questions. Because every products are crafted by hand, including painting and glazing the products. Even during firing process in the kiln, the finished result might be slightly different. In one batch of production, slightly different color and pattern are the natural result in pottery which is not possible to be controlled. So, when you notice the product you get is not exactly same from the photo, it is due to handmade process and natural result of Stoneware ceramic.

What are your shipping carriers?

We do usually recommend SiCepat due to good perfomance of handling our products. For bulk orders, We will recommend to use cargo services for cost purpose and safety. For overseas purchase, would be recommended to talk with us for further information.

What if the goods is broken or damaged during the delivery?

We are ensuring every purchase is well packaged and safe enough to be delivered. Just in case you receive any broken or damaged goods, please send Us a picture to our email, and we will send the new one for you with no additional shipping fee.

Do you have any showroom or store-visits?

We currently have a showroom in Surabaya at PlayRoast (Jl. Raya Ngagel Jaya No. 40). You are welcomed to drop by and see our range of products and conduct a meeting with us for consultation. We understand that most of Us are willing to see the real products, therefore, We do cooperation with several concept stores to put our products there. You can see it in our instagram @lumosh.living for updated location.

Bulk purchase? Any special price?

Yes we do serve both retail and wholesale purchases. There will be special price for bulk purchase with minimum quantity. For more info, hit us on email Lumosh.ceramic@gmail.com

How long do I need to wait for Bulk orders or custom made? Is it always ready stock?

Some of our products are ready to ship. However, the popular one will be easily out of stock. Our standard lead time production is around 6-8 weeks (sometimes faster than expected #fingercrossed). For bulk or custom orders, the production time is depending on how complicated of the work. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks as well, but could take longer for quality control.