Lumosh derives from luminous which means bright or shining. It is the foundation of our identity, to be stand out and shine out in the market by bringing up the new idea of design and creativity to make every product is unique.


Every design born with a story

“Idealism makes impossible possible, but a story gives meaning”

Pushing ourselves into limit to find a new model or combination that can match with ceramic, needs idealism. However, in the end, it is just an object. A cup is still a cup eventhough we mix it with wood. A plate will end up as a plate even after we paint carefully one by one.

Then, how can we make it so genuine? To have purpose beyond its usability?

We put every story for each design. Every brainstorming, every creation, is built on merely imagination. You are welcomed to enjoy each story how we came up with the idea of each design, and hopefully, we can deliver the value more than the usability alone.


We believe in authenticity.

Created by hand has its own characteristic that left on every single product. Every flaw is beautiful, and none of them are perfect, just like us as human, yet it is the real definition of authentic.


Promoting Indonesian pottery handcrafter to the world


Delivering the uniquity of handmade pottery along with the quality

Educating consumers to recognize the art of handcrafted pottery